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  Székesfehérvàr (H), ca. 1940

Die Ahnen

Here you will find information on the ancestors of the families Müller, L'Eplattenier, Studer,und Burri; moreover on those of the Jaggi, Christen, Feier, Balogh, Patay, Toth, Schori and Grubenmann. Works on this project were started early in 1989 and have been in progress with some longer breaks until today. If you want to complete some data, or you find information as erroneous, please let me know this by e-mail. Would you want to revise a part by yourself, or to complete a further branch, so contact me likewise.
Notice Information on living persons will be supplied only to their own relatives. Should you find data on persons with no relationship to the family, please inform me and I will correct this.

Feature Articles

feature 1 HEIMATORTE Heimatorte der Familien L'Eplattenier, Müller, Burri und Studer.

feature 2 WAPPEN Wappen der Familie L'Eplattenier

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Henry Louis L'Eplattenier
Zénas L'Eplattenier
Paul L'Eplattenier
Samuel L'Eplattenier
Imré L'Eplattenier
Charles L'Eplattenier


Franciscus Josephus Balogh
Josephine Nenandal
Emilia Toth


Karl Müller


Johann Jakob Christen (IV)
Johann Jakob Christen (III)
Johann Jakob Christen (II)
Johann Friedrich Christen


Emil Burri


Daniel Jaggi


Hermann Hans Studer


Anton Allemann

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